If you are feeling that life just cannot be any worse for you, it can be challenging to think positive thoughts. When we are stressed, depressed, upset, or otherwise in a negative state of mind because we perceive that bad things keep happening to us, it is important to shift those negative thoughts to something positive. If we don t, we will only attract more bad things. 假如你感到生涯对你来说实在是蹩脚之极,你可以挑衅着想些积极的东西。当我们不堪沉背、懊丧、失落,抑或由于我们以为不幸的事总是光临我们而处于消极状况时,将这些消极的思想改变为积极的至闭主要。假如我们不这么做,只会招致更多的霉运。   It is often very hard to think positive when so many things are negative, but I can assure you that someone, somewhere is worse off than you. We can choose to think differently by beginning with the smallest of steps. 有如此之多消极因素还要想些积极的东西,通常情形下这很难,但我可以保障,学英语的差网站,在某个处所有人比你情形还糟。我们可以换种方法,一步一步细细思考那些消极的东西。       If you start with one small, positive thing and repeat it during the course of your day, you will begin to move into a more positive situation: positive thoughts, feelings, opportunities and people will start showing up in your life. With practice, you will find that over time, you will change your outlook and choose to be happy, irregardless of the events around you. 从一件积极的小事情开端,并且一整天就一直反复想着,你将进进一个更加积极的状况:积极的思想、感情、机会、人们开端打扮你的人生。这样练下往,很快你会发明你将转变你的观点,选择快活的生涯,而不在意四周那些琐事。